miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

Resumen de Webminars de la BCAW

Estos son los webminars que se han desarrollado con motivo de la Business Continuity Awareness Week, promovida por el BCI.

Adopting Cloud In Your Backup Strategy
BCM Frameworks: From Best Practices to Standards to Overarching Models
Burst out of you own personal silo, Find out who else is interested in disasters
Business Continuity Awareness for Senior Management
Business Continuity in the Supply Chain
Business Continuity Management Systems
CM² Maturity Model
Conscientisation pour la continuité des affaires auprès de la direction
Contact Centre Continuity
Continuity as a Service (CaaS)
Corporate Business Impact Analysis-Why Bother?
Cyber Preparedness-Time is Not on Your Side
Establishing a Governance framework for an effective BCM
Getting Started with BCM
Horizon Scanning - What could Business Continuity look like in 2040
Horizon Scanning, new threats, new skills, new challenges the next 5 years
How to check your Business Continuity Management System?
How to Effectively Use Social Media Before and During Disasters
How to Successfully Implement a Business Continuity Management Program..
Identifying Key Suppliers
Infrastructure Impact Analysis
Integrating Cyber Threat Protection and Business Continuity Planning
ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Systems
Learning from Earthquakes, Non-Structural Retrofitting and Other Mitigation Meas
Preparing for the 2012 Games- What should you do in the time left?
Preparing for the 2012 Release of ISO 22301
Preparing your Communications Strategies for London 2012
Puzzle Pieces: Are You Seeing the Entire Planning Landscape
Risk Management Strategies for Protecting Enterprise Supply Chains
Why a formal certified BCMS? “Due Diligence” -Talking the Language Management Un

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